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How to Grow Peanuts in Soil from Store-Bought Nuts

Growing peanuts from store-bought nuts can be a rewarding gardening project. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choosing Peanuts:
  • Opt for fresh, raw, uncooked peanuts in their shells.
  • Avoid roasted or salted peanuts as they won’t germinate.
  1. Preparation and Planting:
  • Peanuts require a long growing season (100-130 frost-free days).
  • Start indoors 5-8 weeks before the last frost date for an early start, especially in Northern climates.
  • Plant in well-draining, loose soil, adding sand and aged compost if needed.
  • Sow seeds 1-2 inches deep and 24-36 inches apart in rows spaced at least 72 inches apart.
  1. Location and Soil:
  • Choose a sunny site, as peanuts need full sun.
  • Use row covers to protect young plants from spring frosts.
  • Soil should be light, loamy, and slightly acidic (pH 5.5-7.0).
  1. Watering and Care:
  • Water at least 1 inch per week, maintaining even moisture but not waterlogging the soil.
  • Add mulch once seedlings are half a foot tall to retain moisture and control weeds.
  1. Fertilization:
  • Peanuts are nitrogen-fixers, so they require less nitrogen.
  • Focus on calcium, as it’s crucial for pod development.
  • Use a low-nitrogen or balanced fertilizer before planting.
  1. Pruning and Propagation:
  • Pruning isn’t typically required but may be done for maintenance.
  • Propagate peanuts using seeds, selecting healthy, mature ones for saving and planting the following spring.
  1. Harvesting and Storing:
  • Harvest time is about 100-150 days after planting.
  • Remove the entire plant from the soil for harvesting.
  • Store raw peanuts in a mesh bag in a dry place or roast them for consumption.

Growing peanuts can be a fun and fruitful endeavor, especially if you have a sunny spot and a bit of patience. With the right care, you can enjoy home-grown peanuts right from your backyard!

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