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Growing Peppers in Plastic Bottles is Easy and Requires No Watering – Special Method

Hello Gardening Enthusiasts!

Isn’t it heartwarming to gaze at your pots of chili, nurturing them from tiny seeds to vibrant plants? Today, I’m thrilled to share an innovative method that not only simplifies the chili-growing process but also ensures minimal daily watering hassles.

Banana-Powered Beginnings:
To kickstart this unique journey, we begin by harnessing the power of bananas as a rooting stimulant. The process involves cutting ripe chili to extract seeds, which are then carefully placed on banana slices. These seed-laden banana slices serve as the foundation for our chili-growing adventure.

Bottles as Vessels:
Our journey takes a fascinating turn with the use of 5L plastic bottles, creatively cut in half. The top part, inverted and fitted into the bottom part, creates a self-watering system. A cap, punctured and adorned with a fabric string, facilitates the transfer of water from the bottom to the top, ensuring consistent moisture for our chili plants.

The Perfect Blend:
Now, let’s talk about the magic within the bottles. The soil mix consists of rice husk ash and coir, providing an ideal environment for seedlings to flourish. Following the ingenious seed-on-banana technique covered in nutrient-rich compost, the bottles are filled, and the seedlings are planted.

Fertilizing Brilliance:
Five days into the growing process, we introduce black phosphate fertilizer to give our chili plants a nutrient boost. Regular watering follows, sustaining the growth momentum. Banana slices and additional mix are layered on top, ensuring a continuous supply of essential nutrients.

Urea Power at the Base:
In the bottom part of each bottle, where water resides, urea fertilizer is added to enhance the plant’s overall nutrition. This strategic placement ensures a gradual release of nutrients, promoting steady growth.

Boosting Growth at Day 20:
After 20 days, our chili plants receive another round of attention. Phosphate fertilizer and crushed/dust eggshells are introduced into the mix, enhancing the soil’s fertility. As always, watering is a crucial step after each addition to guarantee optimal absorption.

Vitamin B and Fish Protein Extravaganza:
At the 40-day mark, we elevate our chili plants’ well-being with a dose of vitamin B and fish protein fertilizer. This dynamic duo fortifies the plants, promoting robust growth and a bountiful harvest.

Sustainable Maintenance:
Throughout this chili-growing adventure, maintaining water levels in the bottom part of the bottles is key. Consistency is the name of the game, ensuring our plants receive the care they need for a flourishing future.

In conclusion, this innovative method not only simplifies the chili-growing process but also showcases the beauty of sustainable and efficient gardening. From banana-powered beginnings to nutrient-rich layers, our chili plants thrive in a self-sustaining ecosystem within plastic bottles. Try this method for yourself, and enjoy a bountiful harvest of homegrown chili peppers. Happy gardening!

Thank you for joining me on this green journey. Happy planting!

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