German Schnitzel

Prep Time: 3 minutes | Cook Time: 12 minutes | Serves 4

Ingredients : 

4 thin beef schnitzel
1 tbsp. sesame seeds
2 tbsp. paprika
3 tbsp. olive oil
4 tbsp. flour
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup friendly bread crumbs
Pepper and salt to taste

Directions : 

1. Preheat the Air Fryer at 350 ° F.
2. Sprinkle the pepper and salt on the schnitzel.
3. In а shallow dish, combine the paprika, flour, and salt
4. In a second shallow dish, mix the bread crumbs with the sesame seeds.
5. Place the beaten eggs in a bowl.
6. Coat the schnitzel in the flour mixture. Dip it into the egg before rolling it in the bread crumbs.
7. Put the coated schnitzel in the Air Fryer basket and allow to cook for 12 minutes before serving hot.

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